Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces in Oregon

There are many options to consider for heating your home. You may think the only choice you can afford is a traditional furnace. But heat pumps shouldn’t be counted out. If you need a furnace installed in Eugene OR while building a new home, or if you need a furnace replaced from normal wear and tear, consider the differences in heat pumps vs. furnaces before you purchase.


Furnaces run on either gas or oil and are popular in places that have harsher winters. The unit warms your home by having a pilot light heat the forced gas that is pushed into the unit first. It then pushes the air through the house until the sensors on your thermostat register the home has reached the pre-set temperature. This process involves low-voltage electricity from the thermostat to light the pilot as well as the energy used to warm the gas or oil.

Your gas bill will fluctuate depending on how often the furnace goes through the process of regulating the air temperature. Another expense furnaces require, filter replacement.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps run on electricity and are typically best in places with mild winters like here in Eugene OR. They are energy efficient because instead of warming air first, heat pumps use the hot air that already exists and forces it to travel into a home. How Stuff Works explains “This means that rather than burning fuel to create heat, the device moves heat from one place to another.”

Heat pump installation does not require as much disruption to your home as you might imagine. These ductless heating systems require less time to install, and avoiding duct installation in a new building can allow for a more spacious room. Similarly, removing ducts not used anymore can simplify a home remodel.

Heat pump systems are an environmentally friendly option, and you can apply for rebates to decrease installation cost. We have compared the costs. “The ductless heaters will use up to 50 percent less energy to warm the home compared to furnaces. “ Heat pumps have a reasonable upfront cost and will save you money yearly.

The final decision is yours and whether you require furnace installation or decide to try a heat pump system Jco Heating A/C Electrical serves Eugene OR and the surrounding area. Check out our financing options and contact us today!