How to Measure Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency isn’t the first thing people think about when the topic of home improvement comes up. However, it can lead to substantial savings and environmental benefits. There’s a reason for all those high monthly energy bills. Weak energy efficiency could be the culprit. Here are some insights on how to improve energy efficiency:

Be Honest About Air Leaks

Is there a gap where the bottom of your rear door meets the floor? Do upstairs windows display cracks? These and other sources of air leaks undermine energy efficiency immensely. Even the best HVAC system must work overtime to regulate temperatures when air escapes. Sealing those leaks must become a priority if you want to improve energy efficiency.

Look at the Age of Your HVAC

The energy efficiency scorecard must take a close look at your HVAC or other heating and cooling systems in the home. An older model could seemingly run efficiently, but models of years past weren’t designed to provide the same level of energy efficiency. Modern improvements mean systems don’t work as hard, so they don’t draw as much energy. Residents in Springfield, OR, may call on Jco Heating A/C Electrical for assistance. Services related to heating, cooling, and ductwork are available.

Determine If You Need Insulation

Insulation lends support to heating and cooling systems, which is why many homes have insulation in the attic. What’s behind the drywall on the first floor, though? If there’s no insulation behind it, energy efficiency might drag down. Unfortunately, the costs of tearing out and replacing the drywall to put in new insulation can be cost-prohibitive. If the time comes for significant repairs or renovations, perhaps using the opportunity to add drywall is wise.

The Professional Audit Option

If you’re having trouble determining energy efficiency by yourself, request a home energy audit. A trained professional can give you an accurate reading. Jco Heating A/C Electrical can help local customers with AC and heating repairs, routine maintenance, and even system upgrades. Call us during business hours to speak with a representative.