Is an Air Purifier a Good Choice for My Home?

Maintaining clean air in your home may require a bit of planning and investigation to get the result you want. Air purifiers offer a convenient way to reduce the amount of dust and debris in your indoor air. But how does it accomplish this, and why is an air purifier important?

Benefits of an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can provide fast relief from polluted indoor air. They can be purchased as a portable device, which means that they’re fairly easy to move from room to room. They can also be larger and designed to work as a whole-house purifier. Whole-house purifiers require a properly installed connection to the home’s ducting system.

You can find single-room purifiers in a range of sizes and prices. Some offer HEPA filter support, and others are designed to use a standard type of filter. You can operate a single-room plug-in air purifier without turning on your heating or cooling system. There are a number of models small enough to specifically address dirty air around a desk or near your bed.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

An air purifier is used to sanitize the air and remove unwanted contaminants. Some models use a fan and an interior filter to trap nasty particles as air is pulled through the device. Other purifiers may neutralize particles before filtering the air. The types of particles the equipment removes will vary from product to product. In addition to general airborne dust and debris, you can find purifiers to address specific allergens and tiny particles.

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Types of Allergens Purifiers Remove

The mold and pollen floating in the air you’re breathing are two important problems air purifiers can help you remove. Pet hair, dander, mites, and other allergens can also be neutralized. Smells from cooking, fireplaces, and foods can stink up a home quickly. In fact, an outdoor fire pit or grill can cause smoke problems inside the home. An air purification unit can reduce those problems and make your environment more pleasant to live in.

Getting rid of the toxins floating in the air from cleaning products is a priority for many homeowners. New carpeting, paint, and even furniture can off-gas pollutants into the air. Of course, reducing your use of these kinds of products is a guaranteed way to address indoor air pollution. However, that isn’t always easy to do, so using an air purifier is a good option.

Types of Air Purifiers

You have many types of devices to choose from when it comes to selecting an air purifier. HEPA purifiers can trap minute particles and are an effective way to remove contaminants. Absorbent purifiers attract pollution using activated charcoal to absorb and trap volatile organic compounds and odors in the home. This type of purifier usually requires a professional installation, however.

Ultraviolet purifiers pull the room’s air into the device and then expose the air to a UV lamp. UV purifiers work well to combat viruses and bacteria, which can be an added bonus during cold and flu season or for people who have compromised immune systems.

About Using Air Purifiers

Read the device’s manual, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for operating your purification equipment. Keep a standalone air purifier away from drapes and furniture so that air flows easily in and around the equipment. Verify the device and the outlet you use to power it match properly. Assess your needs carefully and consider combining products to get the clean air you want. Air filtration systems, air scrubbers, and humidifiers can be used together with an air purifier to solve indoor air issues.

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