Low Humidity And Wildfires In Oregon Change Public Perception Of The State

For many people who have always thought of Oregon as a State that experiences constant rain, the images of a state with wildfires raging and dry underbrush is one which seems hard to reconcile. This year, the low humidity and wildfires in Oregon are affecting air quality, jobs, and property across the Beaver State. Th level of precipitation in the state is higher than in some other parts of the country, but there is a vast difference between Eastern and Western Oregon. When the moisture levels in the normally humid Willamette Valley drop, the risk of wildfires increases.

The Willamette Valley in Oregon runs from Portland in the North to Eugene in the South. The area is rich farmland, known for strawberries, wineries, beans and a variety of other crops. Misty mornings and the sunshine through the lengthy growing season make this area a popular place to live. However, when the humidity drops, the usually green undergrowth dries out and becomes a fire hazard.

Logging is affected by a drop in humidity and the risk of wildfires. Even a spark from a chain saw can set off a conflagration. Lightning strikes in the Coast Range, the Siskiyous or the Cascades affect the stands of timber, as well as the ability to enjoy the woods and other outdoor locations.

When the woods and grasslands are dry, wildfires are a higher risk. The smallest spark, lightning strike, or careless slash pile burn can result in thousands of acres burned with an ensuing effect on wildlife. The loss of timber to a damaged forest stand can cause a shutdown of operations in the logging area. For those who depend on the timber industry to supply a paycheck, fires are a nightmare scenario.

Much of Central Oregon is high desert, but with areas such as the Malheur Wildlife region as a home to many migrating and other bird species. Fires on the desert can sweep across hundreds of acres of this area. The loss of habitat affects the wildlife, which includes many species of birds as well as larger animals such as antelope and deer.

In Eastern Oregon, the land rises to become the foothills of the Blue Mountains. The eastern part of the state is noted for timber operations, as well as small farms which raise hay and other crops. The risk of wildfires is exacerbated by dry conditions throughout the state.

Firefighters do a herculean job of managing the fires which are part of summer seasons in the state, but they cannot control the low humidity which increases the risk of rapidly burning undergrowth. When the weather is hot and dry, it is important to be sure that the indoor air is clean and cool. The quality technicians who perform HVAC repair in Eugene OR keep the equipment in top shape.

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