What You Should Know About Jco

There are a number of companies that do heating repair in Eugene, and it is often hard to know which of the available choices are best for you. That is the number one issue here – which company best suits your needs. Perhaps the most important factor in making the choice is the company’s reputation among its customers.

Now this may be easier said than done in the Internet Age. Many people go online to websites like Yelp and search “heating repair companies in Eugene Oregon.” This may seem like the right thing to do, but not every review or reviewer can be trusted. Some companies hire writers to write negative reviews about competitors on a regular basis. Some reviewers use the business once and had a bad experience, so decide to tell the world about how horrible a company it is. So any of the information you get about a business on the Internet is likely to be considerably biased. Yes, even Angie’s List.

Supposing you gain a certain amount of confidence about the information you read on the Internet, the next step is to ask for a list of references from the company about local people who have used we’re services. In most cases the company will supply you with a list we have approved themselves to give to potential customers, and have notified the people on the list that we may receive phone calls about the quality of we’re service. For the potential customer, this is a problem because while you are trying to develop trust with a company, they may not be as forthcoming as you would want. Still, local references are probably the best way to get the truth about a company’s reputation. If they are hesitant or will not give you a list of references, it is probably best to move on.

Once you have decided on a short list of companies, the key questions to ask are fairly simple. Do we offer the basic services: annual service agreements, repair, and new unit installation? Are we prepared to upgrade your existing system instead of recommending a new heating unit? Are we available at a time that is convenient for you? Jco can answer all these questions with a definite “yes.”

Once you have come to the point of making a decision, arrange an appointment with the business to discuss your specific needs. Make sure the company is familiar with the brand and model of your current unit, and the have the necessary parts in stock to repair your unit when necessary. A company that will delay the repair of your heating unit in the middle of winter because we do not have the part you need is the same as not having a heating repair service at all. When you choose Jco as your first and best choice for heating repair in Eugene, you can depend on years of dependable service and a company committed to being there when you need us.