Whats The Best Way To Thaw A Frozen Coil On Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning units are lifelong investments that must be protected at every turn. This includes periodic maintenance, which helps prevent leaks and mechanical failures. As always, HVAC systems also have to be inspected regularly to ensure optimal airflow and performance throughout commercial and residential properties. If wondering whats the best way to thaw a frozen coil on your air conditioner? Simply leave it up to the experts.

With years of extensive industry experience, local AC and heating technicians have the tools and expertise to resolve most issues. This includes leaks, along with parts and components replacements. They also replace outdated thermostats with digital models, as well as perform intricate and detailed duct cleaning.

When you purchase a unit for the home or office, BTU count and coils are simply or paramount importance. These components ensure your units will produce maximum airflow and cooling throughout homes and offices. Coils also carry the air that needs to be distributed, along with ensuring the right consistency and volume for small or large homes.

Purchasing the wrong sized units can lead to a lack of air in properties. Similarly, larger units for smaller homes can result in costly energy bills. As a result, you must secure the right sized model to ensure maximum performance and delivery. With any unit, replacing the air filters and checking for leaks and freezing is also vital.

As part of any HVAC inspection, your technician will check for air escapes and frozen pipes and components. If not treated in a timely and cost-affordable manner, frozen components can result in pipe leaks and flooding. To prevent these common mishaps from occurring, area specialists utilize industry leading techniques to thaw out frozen coils. They can even replace these parts if they are experiencing mechanical issues or not helping the system cool.

Most times, units will be have to be turned off in order for the coils to dry out. The water is then collected in AC drainage pans and removed of in an environmentally safe manner. Drying out these parts also helps remove any dust, dirt, grime, or other buildup that has amassed inside units. Usually, the process can take a few hours to an entire day.

In cases of extreme freezing, technicians utilize dryers and warmers to melt the ice and buildup. This equipment, however, is only operated by licensed and certified technicians. They are not like normal dryers, and entail industrial strength power and features only AC and heating experts understand. In order to determine the best way to restore functionality and performance, you simply need to bring in the experts.

As always, they will check the air returns on your units. They may even install new lines, as well as vents to help air circulate in a timely and efficient manner. Local contractors also help customers with energy efficient tips, along with complete system overhauls and new installations. For more information, contact your local AC company today and get the experience and services you deserve. You can also check the social media pages for reviews, prices, rates, and other relevant information.