You can turn to Jco Heating A/C Electrical for help with Circuit Breaker Repair if you live anywhere in the Springfield, OR area. Circuit breakers play a major role in electrical safety, and that’s why we work so carefully on behalf of residential and commercial customers. Our services can include everything from a minor repair to an entire circuit breaker replacement.

Need Your Circuit Breaker Repaired in Springfield?

Reach out to an expert Jco electrician whenever you notice a problem with your circuit breaker. Many things could go wrong with this system, and any of them could lead to a troubling scenario. The electricity flowing through a home or office contains a great deal of power, and a structure could easily catch on fire if a breaker box is not in good condition. Someone at your place could also get shocked if too much power is flowing through a certain area. Further, a power surge or a loss of power could disrupt any electrical devices or even damage them.

Look out for the following signs that your circuit breaker needs attention.
  • Breaker box feels hot
  • Breakers frequently trip
  • Breakers won’t stay in “reset” mode
  • Breaker box or wiring looks scorched
  • A burning smell comes from the breaker box

An electrical fire could soon occur if you notice a burning smell or if any components feel hot or look charred. When electrical components overheat, the insulation around wiring could melt or get damaged. As a result, electricity could travel to places where it shouldn’t.

If you constantly have to flip your breakers, something likely needs professional assessment. Perhaps you’ve been overloading your system with too many appliances or devices, or maybe your system needs an upgrade. Many older homes and commercial buildings in Springfield have faced this situation. When they were first constructed, their electrical systems passed inspections that considered them perfectly safe at the time.

However, industry standards have changed over the years to reflect better safety measures and the fact that we all use more powerful electronic devices. We can make sure your system meets newer safety codes. If you have an older building, this could involve replacing an entire circuit breaker.

Conscientious Circuit Breaker Replacement and Repair

As a family-owned business, we’ve established close relationships with many people in the community. When you reach out to us, you’ll receive our personal attention. Our electricians have received extensive training, and they strive to meet the exacting standards we’ve set for them. You can always expect professional service from our team.

Call Jco Heating A/C Electrical today for an appointment regarding a circuit breaker repair or replacement in Springfield. Our Jco staff are also experts in upgrading or replacing electrical panels. Call today to learn more.