What to Keep in Mind When Replacing Your Heat Pump

With over a decade of successful business operations to its credit, Jco Heating A/C Electrical has earned a reputation for quality customer service and unmatched industry knowledge over the years. Emphasizing a broad spectrum of technical capabilities and a wide range of HVAC equipment, Jco excels in everything from heat pump repairs to new air conditioning installations. No two households are exactly alike in terms of their cooling or heating needs, nor in their daily/seasonal usage. You may rest assured that Jco technicians are skilled in the art of assessing heat pump systems for wear and damage, regardless of the unit’s age, make, and overall condition.

No matter the quality of a given heat pump system, all will eventually be in need of replacement. Ideally, the replacing of any such system will result in an upgrade of some sort, for which reason Jco keeps a tremendous inventory of top-notch makes/models in stock year-round. A new heat pump could be the perfect addition to your home. These systems reach the same efficiency levels as their ductless counterparts. In addition, most homes are fitted with ducts already, so the install is fast and easy!

Daikin Heat Pumps Offered by Jco

Our inventory emphasis here at Jco is one of efficiency, reliability, and overall quality. As for the first of these, efficiency, the heat pumps we keep in stock are designed to maximize energy savings, while adhering to high standards of long-term functionality. Take a look at a few examples listed below:

Heat Pumps

  • DZ20VC: Benefiting enormously from variable-speed swing and scroll compressors, this unit’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating can reach 21 when the machine is functioning at its best. Daikin Inside Intelligence™ offers actionable and detailed diagnostic information, while a High-Density Compressor Sound Blanket keeps unit noise to a noteworthy minimum.
  • DZ18VC: Featuring a SEER rating of 19, these units house Two-Stage Scroll Compressors, Variable-speed swing, Daikin Inside Intelligence™, and High-Density Compressor Sound Blankets. These components ensure high performance and maximum energy efficiency.

Regardless of your specific heat pump system needs, an expert Jco technician will gladly offer you their objective consultative assistance in order that you might make an informed and sensible purchase. Call us today and ask about our new heat pump systems in Eugene and surrounding areas!