Allergy Season is Here! Here’s How to Keep Your Air Clean

When you have respiratory conditions or allergies, keeping your air pure becomes vital so as not to exacerbate the problem. Mold, viruses, bacteria, and smoke can all cause air quality issues in homes. The city of Eugene, OR, had the highest pollen count in the world at one point in 2018. If you live in Eugene, Springfield, or a nearby area, here are some steps that you can take to keep your air clean so you can breathe easier.

Use Air Filters

There are many fine particles that hang out in the air in your home. Air filters can help take these out of the air. Air filters rely on an internal fan to pull the bad air out. These filters should be frequently changed in order to maintain their effectiveness. Also, make sure to frequently clean the air filter to keep it working well. Air filters will work in tandem with your cooling system to condition and clean the air in your home.

Increase Ventilation

As an alternative to air filters, you can install exhaust fans that can help take the pollutants out of your home. This is especially true in the kitchen where cooking a single meal can add nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants to your air. Alternatively, you can add trickle vents. These are small openings in a window or some other part of the building envelope that allow ventilation in the area. These can be integrated into the window frame. The other benefit of these is an increase in your energy efficiency.

Trust the Professionals

Jco Heating A/C Electrical is a family-owned business that has been serving Springfield and nearby communities since 2002. We are a trusted business and can help you improve the air quality in your home. Call us today to find out what else we can do for you. We offer both heating and cooling services, too.