Are Furnace Tune-Ups Necessary?

Furnace maintenance may seem like a bother, but without it, a long list of issues can occur. Missing just one annual furnace tune-up and inspection can be problematic. Issues can build and become expensive to resolve. Here are a few of the things you can expect when you skip a furnace checkup.

Dirty Heaters Blow Dirty Air

Dirt and debris are unavoidable problems for heating systems. If the components and connectors aren’t cleaned properly, the dirt can pile up. Your heater is now a fire hazard and a surprise breakdown can happen more easily. On the other hand, hiring a technician to correctly clean the system can prevent failures and reduce safety issues.

Indoor Air Can Get Contaminated

A tune-up technician can spot hidden leaks and failing parts. A dirty furnace can deliver carbon monoxide into the home. Leaks in the equipment can become a breeding ground for mold. Dirty systems deliver dirty air back into the home. At Jco Heating A/C Electrical, we service all furnace makes and models. We can keep your heating equipment clean and running efficiently in Springfield.

Minor Problems Grow

Left unattended, minor furnace problems can grow and become costly to fix. Issues can remain at bay for a while until suddenly they cause a major failure on a very cold day. Taking care of them as soon as possible is the way to reduce the cost and worry.

Heating System Efficiency Drops

Your furnace won’t last forever. In fact, its ability to heat your home efficiently begins to wane over time. Regular furnace maintenance visits can ensure a longer useful life for your system, and that can mean lower utility bills. The only way to get optimal performance from any furnace is to keep up with seasonal tune-ups.

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