Best Dusting Techniques & Products to Improve Your IAQ

Having dust build up in your home can lead to a variety of issues. Dust can be made up of harmful particles, including dust mites, pollen, and bacteria. When these particles become airborne, it’s easy to breathe them in. Particulates have been associated with worsening asthma symptoms, coughing, sneezing and the spread of disease. Using the proper dusting techniques can help you keep dust under control.

Efficient Dusting Techniques

When you’re dusting, think about starting from the top of a room and moving down. Begin with the top of bookshelves, fan blades and other surfaces that are high up. This will cause any dust that isn’t trapped to fall down so that you can get it as you clean lower down.

To capture as much dust as possible, use a microfiber cloth or an electrostatic duster. This will let you dispose of the dust outside or in a trashcan instead of sending it into the air where it can be inhaled.

Proper cleaning can go a long way towards improving your indoor air quality. Be sure to get all of the small places, including floorboards and vents around your home.

Other Air Cleaning Options

In addition to dusting, making sure that the filters in your heating and air conditioning systems are clean is important. Replacing them every three to six months can ensure that they are as effective as possible.

UV lights can also act as air purifiers. The energy in the light can kill bacteria and viruses so that they can’t spread disease. They can be installed in a variety of locations in your home.

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