EWEB Ductless Rebates

Ductless Heating and Cooling Rebates

The Eugene Water and Electric Board encourages its customers to consider the energy-saving benefits provided by ductless heating or cooling units. To reduce your costs for this upgrade, the utility has offered generous rebates. Do you have a wood, natural gas or oil-burning heating system and need an upgrade? EWEB is now offering rebates to their customers who convert to an energy-efficient ductless or ducted heat pump. 1) Earn a $500 rebate when you upgrade to a ducted heat pump 2) Earn a $850 rebate when you upgrade to a ductless heat pump. When you combine either of these rebates with EWEB’s everyday energy efficiency rebates, you can earn $1500 for a new HVAC system!

Four primary rebate programs:
  • Residential Ductless Heat Pump Program
  • Residential Ducted Heat Pump Program
  • Residential New Construction Program
  • Clean Power Promotion
  • Residential Ductless Heat Pump Program

    We are offering a residential heat pump program. Ductless incentives include a $650 rebate per home. Loans at zero percent interest are also available. People applying for the no-interest loans can receive up to $4,000 in financing for a single-head system. Additional financing up to $1,500 is available for each additional unit.

    Almost all EWEB customers are eligible for this program. Unfortunately, homes with existing functional heat pumps are not allowed to participate. To qualify, the new ductless system must heat more than 50 percent of the home’s heated living area. A program application is required and must be signed by the homeowner. Both your EWEB credit history and credit report determine the outcome of your loan, and can vary based on approved credit.

    Residential Ducted Heat Pump Program

    A $1,000 rebate per home, or up to a $12,000 zero-percent interest loan with a five-year term for installing a ducted heat pump in a site-built home, or up to a $7,000 zero-percent interest loan with a five-year term for installing a ducted heat pump in a manufactured home. Program eligibility includes: All EWEB customers may be eligible. We require the homeowner’s signature on the residential program application. Loan approval is based on your EWEB credit history and credit report. Loan amounts may vary based on approved credit.

    New Construction

    There are two main rebates available. Ducted heat pump installations, $1,000 or ductless heat pump installations, $1,000.

    Clean Power Promotion

    In addition to the everyday energy efficiency rebates, eligible customers can take advantage of EWEB’s Clean Power Promotion and receive an extra incentive to help convert existing wood, natural gas or oil-burning systems to energy efficient heat pump.

    Greater Efficiency with Ductless Systems

    Ductless systems employ heat pumps to transfer warm or cool air. You might have heard them referred to as ductless mini-splits or ductless heat pumps. They offer many advantages over other forms of electrically powered heating or air conditioning equipment. They are quiet, provide consistent heating or cooling and use substantially less energy. Compared to electric baseboard heaters or furnaces, they produce utility savings of between 25 and 50 percent.

    Easy Home Improvement

    A professional heating and cooling company such as Jco HVAC in Springfield, OR, can install a ductless unit in a day. We can assess the needs at your property and recommend where to place units for maximum comfort. This quick turnaround time means that you can begin saving money on your utility bills right away.

    Solve Problems with Ductless

    Aside from providing consistent comfort and lowering power bills, ductless systems fix heating and cooling issues in places where a ducted system might not be feasible. Wall-mounted heat pump units expand your options for year-round usage of spaces like garages or workshops. They could even allow you to create a studio apartment.

    This type of system can solve problems such as heating or cooling older homes that do not have ducting. It could also reduce the overall use of central heat or air and correct hot or cold spots in a house.

    Take Advantage of EWEB Incentives

    At Jco HVAC in Springfield, we’re experts at connecting people with rebates. We install and maintain high-quality heating and cooling systems. Whether you have a ducted or ductless system, we’ll also be available to repair it for you. Call us today.