Exploring Your Heating System Options

It used to be that when you talked about heating system options, you were comparing different models of furnaces. There might be some variations in heat output, efficiency or fuel source, but the basic idea behind them was the same. Today, as technology improves, there are more heating system options coming onto the market from traditional furnaces to heat pumps.

What Is a Furnace?

The furnace is the heating system that’s probably most familiar to homeowners. The basic concept has been around since the days of the wood-burning stove. Some sort of fuel is injected into a burner where it ignites and produces heat. The fuel source varies by home and region, including sources such as natural gas, fuel oil, and wood pellets. The burning fuel warms the air that is then blown through the house. In a radiator system, the heat of the burning fuel is used to boil water, which then travels through pipes, warming the house along the way.

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a newer technology that works a bit like an air conditioner in reverse. If you have ever walked by the exhaust side of an air conditioner, you know that for cold air to blow into your house, warm air must blow out of it. In a heat pump heating system, this exchange is reversed. Heat pumps use electricity to concentrate the heat from ambient air to warm your home. One of the advantages of a heat pump system is that, unlike a furnace, the heat pump is not generating heat but is transferring heat from one place to another. This can lead to greater efficiency and lower heating costs.

Seek Professional Advice

The best choice of heating system for your home depends on many factors. At Jco Heating A/C Electrical, we are happy to tackle your hardest heating questions, working with you to help find a solution. In the Springfield area, we install a range of furnaces and heat pumps. Call Jco Heating A/C Electrical today and let us help you find the right heating system for your home.