Home Comfort Resolutions for 2020

2020 heralds a new year, and people are thinking about making resolutions. Homeowners may look at their HVAC systems and wonder how to improve efficiency. Often, problems exist because necessary steps weren’t taken to address how to improve their home comfort and efficiency. Maybe 2020 should be different.

Put Effort Into Improving Insulation

Sometimes, your focus should be on improving home insulation. When we worry about the furnace or air conditioning efficiency, we often focus exclusively on the heating or cooling unit. However, high heating and cooling bills could come from troubles with insulation. Performing a necessary audit to figure out insulation deficiencies could lead to making necessary repairs and adjustments. Hopefully, the result will be less energy waste.

Clean the Furnace and Air Ducts

An efficient furnace should improve the chances of getting more comfortable temperature levels. Cleaning the heater and changing the air filter could improve its efficiency. Don’t only clean the furnace, though. Clean out your ducts, too. You don’t want to see your air quality suffer, and that could happen with a dirty furnace and connecting ducts.

Changing the filter also reduces the chances of problems with the heat exchanger and more. If the furnace suffers damage for this or another reason, it can’t help to maintain a comfortable living environment. Homeowners in Springfield should know they can ask for repair and maintenance work from the pros at Jco Heating A/C Electrical. You can also inquire about installation work, if necessary.

Think About Safety

A gas furnace can heat a house with tremendous efficiency. Unfortunately, it also produces carbon monoxide and comes with fire safety issues. Installing a carbon monoxide detector and learning about better steps for fire prevention wouldn’t hurt. If you want to stay safe in 2020, consider asking your local fire department to perform a safety check.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

Routine maintenance can eliminate a number of problems. Don’t ignore problematic signs with the furnace. Instead, sign up for a routine maintenance program and ask for a system inspection.

The team at Jco Heating A/C Electrical wants to help with your heating and cooling requests. Call our office today to ask for help with making 2020 a better year for home heating and cooling. Our crew handles everything from furnace repair to AC installation.