Reasons You Need an Electrician to Replace Electrical Outlets

You may tempt yourself to take on DIY projects around the house to save money. In some cases, that’s a great idea. In other situations, it’s best to leave the job to professionals. If you want to paint your home or install new flooring, there are sure to be plenty of resources available to help you DIY and cut labor costs. However, when replacing electrical outlets, you are better off hiring an expert than taking on the job alone. Read on to learn why you shouldn’t replace the electrical outlets in your home by yourself.

Safety During the Job

It seems like we have all the world at our fingertips these days. Just hop online and search a topic to find all the information you’ll ever need, right? Not always. Electricity can be dangerous if not handled properly, and even though you might have found a superb article on the web explaining every step of replacing your electrical outlets, there’s a chance something might be missing. When handling electrical components, you risk electrocution, shock, or fire if wires get crossed or shorted. Never rely on online guides when dealing with electricity. Professional electricians endure extensive training to be sure they are not injured when replacing electrical outlets or handling other forms of electricity.

Safety After the Job Is Completed

You may think doing the work is the most crucial part. Now that the electrical outlets are installed and working correctly, you’re good to go. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. If you have missed a step or improperly wired the outlets, you face the risk of shock, electrocution, and fire even after installation is complete. The only way to be sure your work is following safety protocols is to have a licensed electrician install the outlets.

Quality and Accuracy

Even the most experienced DIYers aren’t perfect. Quality craftsmanship comes from intensive training and years of experience. When installing new electrical outlets in your home, you’ll want a reliable electrician for the best quality. It may seem like an easy task with little room for error in terms of quality, but there are certainly some considerations when handling outlets. Call an electrician and leave the work to the pros for the best results.

Save Money Down the Line

What happens if you make a mistake when wiring and installing new outlets? Odds are you don’t have the knowledge and skill to handle complete new wiring, and you’ll be making a phone call to the local electrician. Now you’ve gone and made an easy, low-cost task bend your budget due to a simple mistake. Save yourself the money and call the electrician from the start to avoid costly mistakes during the process of installing new electrical outlets in your home.


Even the best-laid plans can go awry. What seems like a very easy job can quickly go bad if the behind-the-scenes aspects aren’t what you think. Imagine shutting off the power, removing the old outlet, and then finding that the wiring is bad and needs to be removed and rewired. Now what? That isn’t a job anyone untrained should be taking on. At this point, you’re going to need a professional. The worst part? It may not be safe to turn the electricity back on until an electrician has handled the issue. Depending on the day and time, you could be in the dark for some time before someone makes a house call to get you back on the grid.

Tools and Supplies

You may have a chest full of tools and a garage full of parts and supplies lying around, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have everything you need if something out of the ordinary pops up while installing new outlets. A professional electrician has all the necessary tools and supplies needed for the job of replacing electrical outlets, meaning the job gets done quickly and accurately without a break to run to the hardware store.

If you are considering upgrading your electrical outlets, you should make a call to a licensed electrician your first step. Even if you think you have the knowledge and skill to handle such a seemingly simple task, you never know what could go wrong. A simple mistake could lead to injury, damage, or loss of power.

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