Refrigerant – An Important Component for your AC Unit

Air conditioning units are valuable pieces of equipment come summertime. We depend on them every day to stay cool and comfortable. When temperatures are on the rise in Eugene, these units can keep your home at a pleasant temperature. Aside from the common uses of air conditioners, are you aware of the important components necessary to keep these machines functioning properly? One of them is refrigerant, a colorless gas which serves to cool the warm air in your AC unit.

Keeping the proper refrigerant for your system is very important to having it run efficiently. Furthermore, it’s also important to keep an eye on the newest models of refrigerant, as they have changed in recent years. When refrigerant was created for the first time, it wasn’t very eco-friendly. As technology and production increased over the years, more efficient and ecologically sound refrigerant has been made.  Our modern day refrigerant has been designed with both compatibility and efficiency in mind and is perfectly suitable for use in AC units designed around old, outdated refrigeration components.

Refrigerant works in conjunction with coils and compressors. The AC compresses the gas, making it very warm in the process. As the gas travels through the coils, it cools down and liquefies. The cooled refrigerant absorbs the heat from outside air and subsequently pushes cold air into your home. This results in a constant cycle of hot air being drawn in and cool air being pushed out. For many homeowners, this is how cold air is produced inside the home.

Ensure you’re using the most current technology available, while taking advantage of ecologically sound refrigerant. Jco Heating & Air Conditioning can help you out every step of the way. We offer the best air conditioning installation services in Eugene, OR and our refrigerant products are outstanding. If you have any questions about refrigerant or would like to schedule an appointment, call Jco Heating & Air Conditioning today!