How Much Do UV Sterilization Lights Cost in Springfield, Oregon?

Whether you’re just trying to reduce the risk of the common cold or find yourself thinking about the next infectious disease to sweep Eastern Oregon, your thoughts might eventually turn to ultraviolet lamp installation. These futuristic-looking lights use high-frequency electromagnetic rays to kill off germs and sterilize the air that passes through your HVAC system. Homeowners that struggle with mold will often find that they also help to cut down on the overall number of spores circulating around their home. All of this technology probably sounds promising, but it’s likely you’re concerned about cost. You might be surprised to learn that it doesn’t cost all that much to install UV lights in most homes, and maintenance costs may prove to be even lower. The exact price is going to depend on the type of lamp you decide to go with.

Styles of UV Lamp

Coil-sanitizing lamp systems are by far the most common type of UV lights used in HVAC work, and choosing them can save quite a bit of money. They’re essentially the same as traditional tube-style fluorescent bulbs coated with specialized phosphors that generate special invisible light. They’re commonly installed inside the evaporator coil located in your furnace or air conditioner. Since this area tends to be a breeding ground for germs and mold spores, putting lamps in this area can do a lot to help curb the growth of infectious agents.

Commercial-grade installations usually feature air sanitizing lights that are placed directly inside of air ducts. These lamps kill germs as they go by whenever the AC or heat is on. While these tend to be more expensive than other options, they can sterilize air immediately before it enters a room. That makes them the best option for critical applications.

Exact Cost of Installing UV Lights

Depending on the number of lamps you have installed, you can expect to pay around several hundred dollars for coil-sanitizing lights. Air sanitizers will usually cost a little more, depending on how much ductwork has to be dismantled to install them. Labor costs will normally represent around half the price of installing them, but having an experienced HVAC professional do the work saves money in the long run because you won’t have to worry about any costly problems cropping up in the future.

Once they’re in place, UV lights usually only use around $15-20 worth of extra electricity each month. Installations in smaller homes might not even consume that much. The only future maintenance cost you’ll have to worry about is replacing the physical lamps when they burn out. Being that they’re usually made with fluorescent or LED technology, they can operate for a very long time before this is even a concern. Best of all, there are a few incentives that should prove attractive for anyone who might still be suffering from a bit of sticker shock.

Financing Options Can Help

Both homeowners and those who manage commercial properties can take advantage of financing programs if they still find it difficult to raise the money needed for UV light installation. Various monthly plans are offered that can amortize the cost of having them installed over a long period, which should make it much easier to afford them. Individuals with specific concerns can work this out with friendly representatives from Jco Heating A/C Electrical. Our team offers sanitary no-contact service calls in the greater Springfield area so that customers who are concerned about cleanliness won’t have to worry too much before their new UV lights are up and running.

Installing Residential UV Lights

Unless you have a lot of insulation or ceiling tiles obscuring your ductwork, the actual installation process shouldn’t be difficult. Certified HVAC technicians will simply make an entryway for them to hang what are essentially light fixtures inside of your system. Once they’re done, these fixtures are safely sealed away to prevent any inadvertent contact with the light beams before they’re switched on. An overwhelming majority of installations shouldn’t take more than a short period of time to finish. Some allergy sufferers have even said that these tools help them breathe a little better by getting rid of biological irritants.

Considering society’s increased emphasis on cleanliness and the constant threat of infectious diseases, there’s no reason not to take a closer look at how you could get UV sterilization lights added to your local Springfield home. Contact Jco Heating A/C Electrical for assistance today. We offer heating, cooling, and electrical services to Springfield, OR residents.