What Is Acceptable Indoor Air Quality?

The United States has yet to establish a national standard by which to measure indoor air quality in residences. Recently, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, ASHRAE, established Standard 62.2 as a guideline for acceptable indoor air quality in low-rise buildings. At [company name], we follow the underlying principles that inspired Standard 62.2 to help our residential customers in Springfield OR, and surrounding areas achieve a healthier quality of air inside their homes.

Strategies for Achieving Better Indoor Air Quality

Standard 62.2 was designed to be a common-sense benchmark that HVAC professionals could use when designing residential HVAC systems. Adequate ventilation, filtration and cleanliness are critical to good indoor air quality. Our technicians will evaluate the current setup of your HVAC system and make recommendations to give you the cleaner, fresher air quality you and your family deserve. In some cases, we can improve your air quality by simply changing your filters and cleaning your system’s coils and ducts.

In other situations, we may recommend installing an air purifier, especially if someone in the home has allergies or a respiratory system that is sensitive or compromised for other reasons. In some cases, we may need to vent certain rooms in your home such as the laundry room or the bathroom to allow for better circulation. Our knowledgeable, licensed technicians will deliver to you the most effective, appropriate solution to keep your household breathing easier and feeling healthier throughout the cold, flu and allergy seasons.

Reliable HVAC Technicians in Springfield

[company name] is a family-owned business with more than 17 years of experience serving businesses and residences throughout the Springfield area. We employ NATE-certified technicians; therefore, you can feel confident in our expertise and workmanship. In addition to indoor air quality improvement, we offer heating and cooling repair, routine maintenance, inspections and installation. We service all makes and models, including ductless systems. Based upon approved credit, financing is available for installations. Call us today to experience a new standard of service excellence.