Why Does My Thermostat Click When It Comes On?

When you set the controls on a thermostat, the temperature should go up and down without any issues. So, why does the thermostat click when you push its buttons? Assuming something is wrong isn’t being overly cautious. Never dismiss anything out of the ordinary with your furnace. If your thermostat clicks, find out why to rule out or discover significant maintenance issues.

Clicks, Electrical Relays and Normal Operations

A thermostat sends signals to the furnace to run at a particular temperature. If you lower the temperature from 65 to 60, the thermostat sends electrical power to the furnace to do as requested. An electrical relay opens or closes to allow the power to travel. The clicking sound coming from the thermostat is usually the “noise” coming from the relay process. So, a clicking sound isn’t always out of the ordinary, but there may be underlying issues that cause the sound to occur. If you have concerns about the thermostat, ask a technician when he/she arrives for a service visit.

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Minor Wall Issues Causing Clicking

Sometimes, the clicking from the thermostat may come from minor issues that create the annoying sound. Placing the thermostat on hollow walls may lead to louder clicking sounds. The clicking sound may also occur when the wall isn’t flat. Moving the thermostat to a different location could address the issue. Also, be aware it is possible to insulate the thermostat box to cut down on sound.

Check the Screws

Screws hold a thermostat in place on the wall. When they are either too tight or too loose, the thermostat might make clicking sounds. Check the screws when you hear such sounds, and adjust if necessary. Or, leave the adjustment to a technician.

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