Exploring Your Heating System Options

Posted on: January 25, 2019
It used to be that when you talked about heating system options, you were comparing different models of furnaces. There might be some variations in heat output, efficiency or fuel source, but the basic idea behind them was the same. Today, as technology improves, there are more heating system options coming onto the market from traditional furnaces to heat pumps. What Is a Furnace? The furnace is the heating system that’s probably most familiar to homeowners. The basic concept has been around since the days of the wood-burning stove. Some sort of fuel is injected into a burner where it[…]

Breathing Easy in the Winter

Posted on: January 5, 2019
Most homes see a decrease in air quality during the winter months. In some regions, the colder temperatures tend to keep pollutants trapped in the lower atmosphere, leading to more pollutants in your house. You also tend to spend more time indoors, which means less air exchange as people go in and out of the residence. Warm and Cozy Can Mean Poor Air Quality Everyone wants to save money on heating bills. One way to do this is by making sure that your home is well-sealed in the winter. Doors and windows are kept shut. Any cracks are filled, and[…]

The Importance of Commercial Heating

Posted on: December 17, 2018
As the winter months roll around, many people are concerned about the temperature of their homes. While this is important, it is vital not to overlook the importance of heat in the commercial work as well. In addition to keeping everyone warm while they work, there are a number of other benefits that come with commercial heating. Therefore, it is vital for everyone to think about how they are going to not only heat their homes but their places of work as well. What are a few of the benefits that everyone should keep in mind? Improved Work Productivity One[…]

Can Furnaces Run Without Filters?

Posted on: November 30, 2018
The short answer is yes, your furnace can run without a filter. But you should NEVER do it. It can damage your heating system and lead to very expensive repairs. It can also lead to higher utility bills. How Filters Work Traditional forced-air heaters take in air through return air ducts and warm it up over a heat exchanger. A blower fan forces the air through the ducts in your home as it branches out to different rooms. The furnace filter does exactly what it says. It filters the air to keep dust, hair, and other contaminants from getting to[…]

Can Heating Systems be Recycled?

Posted on: November 12, 2018
If you have a heating system in your Springfield, OR home that’s reached the end of its useful life, you may wonder what’s going to happen to it when you get a new one. You’ll be happy to know that many older heating systems can be recycled. While it may not be possible to re-use everything, a lot of the pieces and parts can be turned into newer heating systems or other items so they won’t end up in a landfill. Getting a New Heating System Can Help With Comfort Recycling your old heating system and getting a new one[…]

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Posted on: October 25, 2018
There are some routine tasks you can do to minimize energy costs and protect your HVAC system. HVAC system maintenance requires a qualified HVAC technician, with the skills and tools to properly inspect, clean, and repair or replace mechanical parts and wiring. Use this checklist to help professional HVAC systems maintenance. Professional Maintenance Thermostat: Inspect the thermostat for correct calibration Connections: Tighten loose electrical connections, and measure voltage and current on HVAC motors System Controls: Check HVAC system controls to ensure safe and proper operation Condenser Coils and Evaporator: Clean soiled coils that can cause equipment to run excessively, which[…]

Top Reasons to Schedule Furnace Maintenance Before Winter

Posted on: October 10, 2018
With winter on the way, now is a good time to set up maintenance for your furnace. Having routine maintenance done before you start cranking up the heat helps ensure that your furnace stays in excellent condition all winter long. Learn more about why you should schedule this service. Lower Your Heating Bills When it gets cold out, you can count on your heating bills going up as you rely more on your furnace for warmth. Having maintenance done before winter can help reduce your heating bills throughout the season. Routine furnace maintenance ensures that your heating system is ready[…]

5 Reasons Your AC Is Performing Poorly

Posted on: September 21, 2018
If you’re like most homeowners, you depend on your HVAC system to keep your home interior comfortable, and you and other household residents really notice it when the air conditioning system isn’t functioning as it should. Unfortunately, most air conditioner problems seem to occur during seasonal heat waves, which is generally due to units having to work much harder when outdoor temperatures are high. Following are five common problems that cause air conditioning systems to perform poorly. 1. Insufficient Maintenance Units that have not been properly maintained often malfunction when they’re needed the most, so make sure to schedule maintenance[…]

Why Do Air Conditioning Units Freeze Up?

Posted on: September 11, 2018
Nothing is worse than a malfunctioning air conditioner unit during the heat of summer, but unfortunately, that is when problems occur. What can be especially frustrating is when the unit seems to be working and is cooling enough to actually create ice but isn’t dispersing cold air. Simply put, the ice constricts the unit and it is unable to work properly until thawed out. A number of factors can cause the air conditioner to freeze over and stop working. Compromised Airflow The air conditioner relies on a properly designed air flow system in order to function. The heat which comes[…]

The Wonderful Invention of Air Conditioning!

Posted on: August 30, 2018
Getting out of the heat and into a cool space has been the objective, and the pleasure, of the rich and powerful going back to early history. The principles of using air, water, and fans to cool a space were known to ancient Egyptians, Romans, Persians, and Chinese. But during those times, it was something only for rich people and leaders. Fast forward to the early days of the United States and many famous scientists like Benjamin Franklin and Michael Faraday attempted to solve the problem of ‘making winter during summer.’ They managed to discover the basics of an air[…]